What do you plan to create in 2017?

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The holiday season is now well and truly over, and a brand new year lays out before us.  What will it bring?
I don’t usually get too philosophical with these emails, I just stick to my art. However in looking forward into 2017, I realized that there is one word that has everything to with art and also has everything to do with the very essence of life, and that word is CREATE!
People tend to think that creativeness is just something that has to do with “gifted” people, the painter, songwriter or author. But when you think about it, creating is an integral part of living.  Creativeness is something that we all have, to some degree or another.
The Merrian Webster dictionary tells us that CREATE means:
  • To produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior
  • To produce through imaginative skill
Think of the creativity that goes into rustling up a tasty meal. Or keeping a child happily occupied, planning a party, let alone making ends meet and paying the bills!
We often think that money creates happiness, but hell, even great wealth has to be created.  The best marriages or relationships or organizations don’t just “exist”, they are created.
It’s impossible however to make ones wishes come true unless you first lay out what those wishes or goals are.  What are you going to create or actually make happen in 2017?
I am going to be bold and lay mine out right here.
Continue to create new house portrait commissions weekly and make my goal of completing architectural paintings that represent all 50 states.
Publish my first book, Art Inspiring Homes Across America. A coffee table book that includes architectural subjects from every state.
Create and release a body of brand new architectural art; that creates a fusion and seamless integration between old and new.
Create family memories and enjoy artistic inspiration through travel experiences. Across the USA, to New Zealand and Australia.
Create a new studio in a cool urban base of our choosing, somewhere in the USA.
Present Leisa Collins Historic Preservation Awards (an original painting of the awardee’s restoration project) to new recipients for their stellar achievements.
Create my first videos showing others how to draw and paint portraits of homes and historic buildings.

Take actions to teach other artists how to make their living from what they are impassioned about … their art!

My wish for you is that you join me and also make 2017 the most creative year ever.
If you feel like sharing what you have planned or what you are shooting for 2017 I would love to hear about it!  Just answer this email. 
Most importantly, thank you for your support of original art by a living artist.  I couldn’t have come this far without you!