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I receive requests for personalized watercolor house portraits from across the USA and have now created house portraits in 50 states and in 35 different architectural styles. With each commissioned home portrait I create, I make sure to capture all the unique details of the home and garden. It would be hard to find a more original one-of-a kind gift idea.

Find out what my clients are saying about their commissioned portraits.

OPTIMIZEDBethesda home of Erika Siegel
“I just love the painting. I put a lot of thought into the renovation and am especially pleased that you caught the little touches that mean so much to me. My friend also commented on how welcoming the painting is and how it makes her want to walk up to the front door for a visit.

-Erika Siegel, Maryland

OPTIMIZEDNJ home for Erin Moran
“Leisa’s work is impeccable. She captured each small detail of the house where I grew up and translated a lifetime of memories into a beautiful work of art. My family and I will treasure this piece for a lifetime!”

– Erin Moran, Virginia

Thinking of a House Portrait? Talk to the Artist.

I am happy to answer any questions and give you my recommendations on a house portrait idea you have, either of your own home for as a gift for a friend or loved one.

To contact me, just fill out this form and I will get right back to you. Or if you prefer, call me at 703-598-7360.

“Leisa Collins is a house painter, but not in the conventional sense. Instead, this artist creates portraits with symbols of the American Dream as the subjects.”

– Los Angeles Daily News. Dec 2015

Here are the steps I take to create a house portrait.

  • First I do sketches of the home and take photos (if it is local) or I am otherwise sent photos of the home from the perspective the client. Best is to have photos taken from different angles so I can see what will look best and make my recommendations to the homeowner.
  • Once the pencil sketch is completed, I do the pen drawing of the subject, ensuring all details of the home and garden are included. I use a brown sepia colored pen, which is archival quality.
  • The next step is a watercolor painting on top of the drawing, bringing out the color and vibrance of the home and surroundings. Being that water is used instead of opaque white paint, one can create that magical translucent quality of watercolors but still see the pen details underneath.

The final result is a painting that turns your home into a work of art!

OPTIMIZED536 Washington St, Traverse City MI


Please watch the video below to see a video of my process in action. 

The Cost of a House Portrait

My general price range for a house portrait is $350 to $800, depending on size and framing and to some degree the detail in the house itself.

Just as personal tastes vary, every home is uniquely different. so it is best to contact me directly so that I can answer all of your questions. It also helps if I can see photos of the subject in order to give an exact quote as well as my recommendations on the best angle, season, size etc. Call me or fill out the contact form on this page and I will get back to you promptly.

One Home, Four Seasons

When I create a house portrait, it isn’t only about the house, it’s about the entire surroundings, the garden, the pathway, the entrance, trees, mountains, sky and of course the season.

Take this cute Cape Code home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The homeowners asked me to paint their home in ALL the seasons!

Many other clients have me create paintings of all their homes over the years, making a memorable series of their own with matching framing. That is always a fun project for me also.

One client with her very own house portrait series

It is my pleasure to capture the essence of a home for the owner in a way they will cherish for years, whether or not they are still living in the home.

It is not uncommon for me to work with the same client time and time again! Below are examples of multiple home portraits I created for a single homeowner. The first are homes she has owned, and the second are paintings she gave as gifts to family members.

How many art inspiring points does your home have?

If you are interested in learning about the 12 points that make a home art inspiring, CLICK HERE.

Altadena, CA