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There is no limit to the new and interesting requests I receive for special commissioned paintings these days. They nearly all start with clients in the USA — usually after I have completed a painting of their own home. This seems to liven up their creative juices and that’s when the fun begins.  Usually they are for special gifts.
In my last email, I released a newsflash that I have now completed paintings of homes and historic buildings in every state across America, however I wanted you to know that I don’t just limit myself to the the USA.  I thought you might like to take a peak at some commissioned paintings that I have created of scenes that are inside of homes as well as house portraits that go beyond our US borders.
First an inside look…


This is the home of a client in Austin Texas. The fireplace looks exactly like this but her dream is to add the built-ins and leadlight windows. This painting now hangs above her fireplace as the first step in making this project become a reality.
This is the kitchen in a beautiful farmhouse in Virginia which was built two centuries ago. The client has a painting of the outside of the home but this restored — and updated – kitchen is her favorite part of the home.
A classic Craftsman living room.
And now for a look outside of the USA.
This view of the Barcelona skyline at sunrise really represents the glory of the city. A client commissioned this painting for her niece who fell in love with the city when she visited recently. I dug around and found some photos that I took years ago when in Spain and used these to create the painting.  
What other city is more romantic than Paris? This watercolor was commissioned as a wedding gift for the couple portrayed.
Another wedding related painting. Here at the Chateau de la Cazine in France was where my client attended a family wedding and this painting was presented as the wedding gift.
A little closer to home. A treasured family home on Prince Edward Island, Canada.
My homeland of New Zealand. It’s a classic Victorian home located in the seaside city of Gisborne where I visit to see family.
Now to the Middle East, a home in Dubai Jordan. This was a gift for a DC client of her father’s home in this city.
This home sits on South Eaton Place in the historic neighbor of Belgravia in London. It is one of a three part series of paintings depicting homes in DC, Chicago and London, that my client’s family have lived in. This particular home was the set of the popular British TV series, “Upstairs Downstairs”.
Well that’s it for now.  I hope you have enjoyed my little Inside: Outside show.  You know how to reach me with any bright ideas you may have for a house portrait or special gifs. Remember, I never say no to a good challenge and I always love to hear from you and get your feedback and questions.
Ciao for now,