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Architectural Fusion: My latest works

City Architecture

I have always been fascinated with historic architectural treasures and love how their grace and aesthetics transcend time itself. However I am also an admirer of modern architecture when created with craftsmanship and artistry.What I find artistically intriguing is when there is a seamless fusion of old and new buildings intermingled into the now; occupying the same space and time. Their forms and structures tell the story of the struggles and triumphs of humankind within their walls, often spanning hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.These three works are my first in this series. All depict cities that I love and where I have spent a great deal of time.

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Architectural has such an enduring presence, which is why I find it so inspiring.These are all cities or places I have lived or travelled to and loved.I have always been drawn to Europe as it characterizes a bygone era of architecture that stands apart from any other. And I found India to have a special enchantment that is symbolized in the grandeur of the Taj Mahal.

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Arts & Crafts Paintings

New Zealand Landscapes

In the spirit of the American Craftsman style, I strongly believe in the virtues of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the application of those philosophical and practical principles to our present day lives, in living a Craftsman lifestyle.Click here to view. New Zealand is famous for its lush landscape, sparkling waters, imposing mountains and spectacular forests.Due to the small population of New Zealand and the role it has taken as a world leader in the conservation and preservation of its natural resources, many parts of the country are still virgin and untouched.

New Zealand is where I first began my adventure into the world of art many years ago and where I taught myself to paint. It will always remain in my heart as a enduring source of beauty, inspiration and tranquility.

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