Watercolor home portraits — seeing both sides of the story. . .

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House portraits from the back are also cool . . .
We all see the front view of a home, with its curb appeal and character shining through. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the back of some of these homes look like?  You might be surprised — and intrigued!
Here are a number of recent portrait commissions I have completed in California, Florida, Texas and Virginia, where the owners asked me to paint both views of their home.
Right on the waters edge, this is the elegant front view of a home in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
As you can imagine, the view from this side looking out across the bay is totally spectacular.  I am glad I had the chance to see it for myself when there and was kindly given a tour of the home.
Tucked away in a gated community in Encino, California, this home is a fascinating study of interesting art forms, sculptures and whimsical fun.
The back of the home extends far back and besides being a wonderland of creativity it serves as an amazing playground for the grand-kids. It includes a play fort, bronze sculptures of buffalo and other wild animals and birds and even a mini golf course with winding stream and arched bridge.
The owners of this home in Houston Texas have southern roots as can be seen from their open porch welcoming design.
The back of the home is equally impressive.
This multi-level home is situated in La Jolla, California.
What isn’t obvious from the front is that a beautiful 18 course golf course extends beyond their back yard.
Also in California, this spacious home is in Arcadia.
And here is the back, with a relaxing pool and outdoor entertainment area.
This unassuming home sits in a quite neighborhood in Alexandria Virginia
The garden behind the house however is an explosion of color that is enjoyed daily by the owners. A true hidden Garden of Eden.
I hope you have enjoyed my little tour.  If a sudden inspiration hits and you decide that you would like a painting created of the hidden back view of your home in order to make a lovely matching pair with the front, well you know how to reach me.  Remember now is the best time, before the vibrance of summer fades away.
Creatively Yours,