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House Portrait Collection of Birmingham, Michigan!

My work has taken me to all corners of the U.S.., but this interesting collection is right here in my current state of residence; Michigan. I always find it fascinating to find out about the history of a city.  It all started in 1818, when a few parcels of land were purchased that would become the beautiful suburb of Birmingham. Located just 20 miles northwest of Detroit, this quaint city was soon a hotspot for Detroit commuters once the automobile boom hit in 1933.

Still filled with small town charm, Birmingham has a gorgeous array of historic and modern homes that I’ve taken a delight in painting. The residents of the city take great pride in the history of their architecture, as shown in this statement from the city’s Historic Preservation Department: “Our historic districts safeguard the heritage of the city by preserving areas in the city that reflect elements of its cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history.”

Similarly, I enjoy learning and observing the history these structures have to offer!  Birmingham goes so far as to have public walking tours of the historic neighborhoods, including the Mill Pond neighborhood which is home to preserved historic homes like the John Hunter House, built in 1822. This is one of the oldest structures still standing in Michigan and was home to some of the earliest settlers to the region!

Join me on a stroll through Birmingham, Michigan, as we take a look at some of the beautiful new and old homes this tree-lined  city has to offer. I hope you enjoy my Birmingham House Portrait Painting Collection!

An interesting mixture of architectural styles. This E. Frank St home was built in 1916.
Birmingham Tudor house portrait on Wimbleton Drive, exuding winter warmth
A combination of Georgian, Romanesque and Colonial styles, this home on Aspen Rd was built in 1936
Classic Dutch Colonial on Bonnie Brier Street built in 1924.
Elegant Berwyn St. Georgian style home
A Birmingham portrait painting of a post-2000 Georgian style build on Larchlea Drive
A Victorian-style home on Chester St.
Tudor home on Lakeview Ave built in 1930.
Birmingham Tudor with beautiful stained glass windows and Gothic influences on Wimbleton Drive
A1925 historic home on Kennesaw St, bursting with summer color
Birmingham house portrait painting of a 1927 home on Mohegan Street
An interesting contemporary Birmingham home on S. Bates St with a variety of styles
Elegant Italianate style home on Bird Ave built in 1947.
Unique 1936 Tudor on Kennesaw featuring both brick and stone
Birmingham home with Colonial features on Westwood Drive
Birmingham home on Birmingham Blvd with Colonial elements
An inviting Dutch Colonial built in 1921 on Yorkshire Road
Contemporary home with Tudor elements on Birmingham Blvd
Welcoming home on Pierce Street in the City of Birmingham
Pastel colored home and garden on Washington Blvd in Birmingham
Stunning historic Tudor on Dorchester Rd built in 1927
Interesting stained wood features on this Pierce St, Birmingham home
A 1949 Dutch Colonial on Winthrop Lane, Birmingham
An interesting mixture of styles complete with white picket fence.
A 1941 home on Winthrop Lane in the City of Birmingham MI
Birmingham house portrait on Henrietta Street, Birmingham

Thank you for viewing my Birmingham Home Portrait Collection! As I always say, it is the homeowners who are the heroes of beautiful communities such as he City of Birmingham. If you like what you see, stay a while! I have many other blog posts showcasing my collections both in Michigan and around the country for you to enjoy.