New Awardees and Events

April 23, 2013 Julie Liska
Lincoln Square Community, Chicago, Illinois
Julie Liska is an architect, preservationist and owner of a classic historic Chicago Bungalow and with the help of her husband Steve, she lovingly restored her bungalow in the Lincoln Square community. For many years she has worked with the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association to promote bungalow preservation through educational seminars and events in bungalow communities throughout the city, thereby sharing her knowledge of historic materials, energy efficiency and quality design practices.

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April 25, 2013 Zell Millard
Woodbine, Iowa
Zell Millard is a champion of historic preservation; saving country schools from demolition, selling record numbers of Iowa Sesquicentennial license plates and holding his own community development focus groups. Holding the moniker of “Mr. Woodbine,” for more than 60 years, he’s the collective voice and conscience of the community of 1,500 and the quintessential Iowan.

Main Street Woodbine is co-hosting the event which will be held in front of one of Zell’s signature restoration projects, the Merry Brook Rural School House. A reception will follow in the Main Street Station Community Room, 313 Walker St.

I will be partnering with Woodbine Artisan owner, (Artistan is a creative art hub newly opened in Woodbine) Bracinda Blum, and hold two afternoon workshops on Wednesday afternoon, April 24, (one for children and one for adults) called “Paint the Town!” where I will give demonstration and instruction on how to draw and paint historic buildings of Main Street Woodbine.