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Sellwood-Moreland in Portland has an array of architectural styles, including Colonials, Craftsman, Bungalows, Tudors, Cape Cod, Victorians and more, all of which are part of my Portland House Portrait Series.

I have always enjoyed spending time in Portland.  It’s reputation of being quirky, cool, weird and green all at the same time, makes life very interesting. Its architecture follows the same mold.  In turn, the neighborhood of Sellwood-Moreland represents these same unique qualities.

I discovered a feast of architectural styles in Sellwood-Moreland and well preserved and maintained homes. Beautiful tree-lined streets and colorful gardens added to the vibrance of Sellwood-Moreland, a quintessential family neighborhood, with an amusement park, plenty of parks and hiking trails, and locally owned cafes. This neighborhood is technically a combination of two neighborhoods, Sellwood and Moreland, with Moreland being further divided into Eastmoreland and Westmoreland. The landscaping and classic, well cared for houses were a delight to see, and I have several styles included in this part of my Portland, Oregon collection of paintings.

Please enjoy my Sellwood-Moreland series of original house portraits. I have included the architectural style of each home as well as their street placement under each painting.

A cheerful bungalow on SE 20th Ave in the Sellwood-Moreland neighorhood.
The wooden doors compliment the neutral colors of this home on SE 17th Ave in Sellwood-Moreland
A Dutch Colonial home in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood on SE Spokane Street
Vibrant flowers and shrubbery give so much warmth to this Sellwood-Moreland home on SE Lambert St.
A earthy colored Sellwood-Moreland Craftsman on SE 18th Ave.
A Foursquare Craftsman home on SE Nehalem St, Sellwood-Moreland. I love the neighborhood library.
A Craftsman home on SE Lexington in the neighborhood of Sellwood-Moreland

My Portland series includes paintings of homes in a total of 17 favorite neighborhoods and in 15 architectural styles that I feel depict Portland. Besides the neighborhood of Sellwood-Moreland, I concentrated on 9 other historic neighborhoods for my Portland series, including Alameda, Beaumont-Wilshire, Concordia, Grant Park, Irvington, Laurelhurst, Sabin and Eastmoreland.

Many people ask me how I go about selecting homes to be part of my various house painting collections.  When I depict the architecture in an area, my goal is to create an eclectic mix of interesting house portraits that present both the history of the area as well as an array of architectural styles that artistically reflect that particular neighborhood or city.

Furthermore, I am proud to say that nearly all of the original paintings displayed above can be found hanging on the walls of each of these homes.  Once I am close to completing a portrait, I usually send a note to the respective homeowner giving them first option to view and purchase the original painting if they so desire. If you would like to commission me to create a portrait  of your home, just get in touch. I am always honored to preserve the special memories and personality of every home I paint.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.