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Laurelhurst neighborhood homes include Craftsman, Tudors, Bungalows, Colonials, Cape Cod, Victorians are part of my Portland House Portrait Series

I have always enjoyed spending time in Portland and one of my favorite neighborhoods is Laurelhurst.

My series includes paintings of homes in a total of 17 favorite neighborhoods and in 15 architectural styles that I feel depict Portland. I concentrated on 10 historic neighborhoods for my Portland series. These include Alameda, Beaumont-Wilshire, Concordia, Grant Park, Irvington, Laurelhurst, Sabin, Sellwood-Mooreland and Eastmoreland.

Like many of the surrounding neighborhoods, Laurelhurst is filled with history.  Stone markers flank the entrances to the area. The center of the neighborhood, Coe Circle, contains a gilded equestrian statue of Joan of Arc, which is a World War I war memorial.

This neighborhood is located close to Downtown Portland, which gave us plenty of opportunity to explore and enjoy the area.The Laurelhurst Historic District was officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places In 2019.

Gilt bronze sculpture of Joan of Arc n Coe Circle i

Please enjoy my Laurelhurst House Portrait Collection of original paintings. The style of each home as well as the Laurelhurst street it can be found on is noted below each painting. 

Craftsman on NE Davis St, Laurelhurst
Craftsman with welcoming porch on NE Senate Ave in Laurelhurst
This Laurelhurst Craftsman’s vibrant landscaping adds to the charm of this home on NE Flanders St.
A Dutch Colonial on NE Mirimar St, in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. Love the red door and chairs.
A cheerful yellow Tudor style home on NE Hoyt St, Laurelhurst.
A historic Laurelhurst home with unique design features sits on NE Laurelhurst Place.
A bungalow selection on NE Flanders St in the Laurelhurst neighborhood
A Craftsman on NE Pacific St in the Laurelhurst neighborhood in the early fall.
An eye-catching Craftsman style home – the mature trees give character, especially during the fall.
An elegant Laurelhurst Tudor home on NE Flanders St.
Laurelhurst has no shortage of charming historic bungalows! This one is on NE Floral Place.
A beautiful Victorian on NE Hazelfern Place, captured in the spring.
A bungalow house portrait on NE Laurelhurst Place.
Attractive landscaping adds to this Laurelhurst home.
The white trim really pops against the dark color of this Laurelhurst home.
A home on NE Hoyt St with stand out landscaping.

Many people ask me how I go about selecting homes to be part of my various house painting collections.  When I depict the architecture in an area, my goal is to create an eclectic mix of interesting house portraits that present both the history of the area as well as an array of architectural styles that artistically reflect that particular neighborhood or city.

Furthermore, I am proud to say that nearly all of the original paintings displayed above can be found hanging on the walls of each of these homes.  Once I am close to completing a portrait, I usually send a note to the respective homeowner giving them first option to view and purchase the original painting if they so desire. After all, they are the ones that made the home art inspiring!  From there, word spreads and before long I am receiving requests from other homeowners asking  me to paint a portrait of their  home or the home of a loved one. Being that I have now completed homes in all 50 states,  I am blessed to receive commission requests weekly from around the country.  I am always honored to create these portraits, thereby preserving the special memories and personality of each individual home.

Until next time,