From house portraits to paintings of cities, architectural art is my artistic passion. I capture the memories of homes in quality, hand-crafted, custom house portraits that exceed expectations with my attention to detail and vibrant watercolor hues. Affordable prices. Only quality archival materials used. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Leisa Collins
Painting- Leisa Collins Art
Home Painting- Leisa Collins Art
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“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright


Since moving to St. Louis, I have created my first paintings of iconic places in the city as well as a series that shows the haunting beauty and tragic tale of abandoned buildings. Click to view the collection.

“Historic architectural inspiration truly abounds here and around every corner I find new treasures daily. My Love Me Don’t Leave Me series is to shine the light on the need to save our beautiful historic relics. . . before it is too late.”


Over the years I have created portraits in ALL 50 states and in a total of 35 architectural styles. Please enjoy my house portrait galleries.

“I love to depict homes and historic buildings of all architectural types, capturing their geographic uniqueness and character.”


Preserve your family memories in a unique hand-crafted original house portrait. Find out more.

“With each commissioned house portrait I create, I make sure to capture all the unique details of the home and garden. It would be hard to find a more original one-of-a kind gift idea.”


This is my recognition to special individuals for their stellar historic preservation projects. Click here to find out more.


What is ahouse portrait?

A house portrait is an artistic representation of a home, capturing its unique architecture and charm.

A house portrait is an artistic representation of a home, capturing its unique architecture and charm.

A home portrait specifically focuses on capturing the essence and character of a residence, making it personal and sentimental.

What are the benefits of ordering a custom house portrait online?

Convenience, a wide range of styles, and the ability to easily communicate with the artist are key benefits.

What makes a custom house portrait unique?

A custom house portrait is tailored to your specific home, capturing its distinct features and personal significance.

How can I ensure my custom home portraitis accurate?

Provide high-quality photos and communicate clearly with the artist about any specific details or features to include.

What is a house portrait from a photo?

A house portrait from a photo is a custom artwork created by an artist using a photograph of your home as a reference.

A house portrait from a photo is a custom artwork created by an artist using a photograph of your home as a reference.

Handcrafted house portraits offer a personalized and detailed representation of your home, often showcasing the artist’s unique style and craftsmanship.

How is a hand drawn house portraitdifferent from other types?

Hand drawn portraits emphasize line work and shading, often capturing intricate architectural details and a sense of texture.

What sizes are available for original house portraits?

Original house portraits can be created in various sizes, typically ranging from small, intimate pieces to large, statement artworks, depending on your preference and space.

Tabitha Larson
Tabitha Larson
Leisa did an amazing job on my grandmas house. She just sold her house and I wanted her to have a good memory of it. What better way than a beautiful painting. It came out perfect!! We just got it today and grandma is smiling from ear to ear with joy. Leisa is super kind and easy to work with. Thank you Leisa for this beautiful painting.
Landon Johnson
Landon Johnson
Leisa's amazing watercolor made the perfect gift to my wife for our 25th anniversary! Leisa captured not only the precise details of our home of 22 years, she captured the very spirit of it. She took the time to really understand what the home meant to us, and how we raised a bunch of kids and a bunch of dogs there, and then baked that understanding into a beautiful, lasting testimony.
Debi Hugill
Debi Hugill
Leisa is a gifted artist who also happens to be a super nice person. She captured our bungalow home perfectly! She even accommodated us by adding our 1935 classic car to the scene. It wasn't in the driveway when Leisa first saw and sketched our home. When my husband Mike contacted her, she readily agreed to send a photographer to take pics of the car in the driveway. As you can see, Leisa gave us a beautiful rendition of our home that we will treasure forever. We have since moved out of the area but we have a beautiful memento to remind us of our life in San Jose.
Stephen Weberman
Stephen Weberman
Leisa is a truly gifted artist who chose to paint my home as part of a series she was doing in Royal Oak, MI. My wife and I could not wait for the original to arrive in the mail. You can really see the crisp architecture lines of the house contrasted against the vibrant watercolors. It was so beautiful and she captured every detail including our little free library, the landscaping and front porch accessories. The painting has already become a conversation piece in our home. I would highly recommend Leisa Collins Artwork. She is an amazing artist and passionate about architecture.
Katy Dickerson
Katy Dickerson
My house portrait was simply beautiful! I highly recommend.
Marla Higgins
Marla Higgins
When your package arrived, we couldn’t wait to open it and unveil the painting of our home. Wow, the portrait walked right off the paper and into our hearts. Through your eyes we were invited to step onto the grass, stand in the shade of the maple tree, and admire the architectural details of our historical home all the way from the staggered shake siding and limestone exterior to the curved line of our roof. While taking in your view, we felt surrounded by the colors of the lush landscape. Thank you Leisa for creating a lasting impression of our home as art.
Rose Frasher
Rose Frasher
Leisa reached out to us and said she had painted our home and if we were interested, we could have first chance at purchasing. Yesterday, I saw her creation, and I was speechless with her work. I will cherish this piece of art. I would highly recommend Leisa to anyone that might want to have a watercolor portrait of their home.
E Flautt
E Flautt
When I received a note in the mail that Leisa had chosen to paint a picture of our house, I had not heard of her. So, I went to her website, and I was thrilled to see all of the lovely portraits of homes and buildings that she creates. I immediately got in touch to purchase the original artwork of our home. And just yesterday I received the painting in the mail from Leisa, and it is just gorgeous. She captured so much that we love about our home. Her inclusion of a digital copy is a terrific bonus, as well! I plan to commission her to paint a portrait of my parents' home, which they built themselves over 50 years ago. I am so happy to have found Leisa, she is wonderfully talented and I will be recommending her to my friends and family.
Doug Brainard
Doug Brainard
Wow wow wow. This turned out fantastic. Thank you Leisa for your attention to detail - my folks are going to absolutely love it. The hardest part now will be waiting to give it to them!
Dana Kramer
Dana Kramer
Hi Leisa, Well, so much for me keeping secret my husbands surprise Christmas gift! I made it all of 6 hours before I got so excited I had to share your beautiful rendering with my husband, Mike. No regrets, he absolutely loved your painting of our home. We were so pleased that you chose to paint our home. Your artistic skills and attention to detail truly captioned the essence of our "home". The painting you created for us will be something we will cherish for years to come. Best wishes! Dana K Kansas City, Missouri

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