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The Flourishing Artist

In 2009, after a 30 year break, I re-launched my art career determined that I would successfully make my living once more from my art.  But my intention was not to simply “get by” and eke out a living somehow. I personally don’t believe in the “starving artist” concept.  I decided that I would flourish as an artist, allowing me to travel, take a lot of inspirational road trips and regularly see family in Michigan, New Zealand and Australia — while making my living at the same time.
Combining my artistic talents and some business and marketing savvy, I have achieved this. However, I see talented artists all around me, seemingly unable to pursue their artistic passions, and I wanted to do something to help. I have held regular workshops at my studio and as a start I have written three articles that I hope will help other artists.  These can be found under The Flourishing Artist category on my Art Blog.

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Do Art Not Drugs

Educate our kids — don’t let them get into drugs!

Leisa recently started the Do Art Not Drugs initiative to help teach kids to steer away from drugs when first confronted with them and realize that creative pursuits are a lot more fun and far more rewarding.

Leisa’s art events with children also include the distribution of drug education materials supplied by the  Foundation for a Drug-Free World, an international non-profit group which distributes it message through booklets, Public Service Announcements and documentary films.

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Community Mural

Leisa spearheaded a community mural which gave hundreds of local children and adults the opportunity to leave their creative mark on a 60 foot public mural that has now become a landmark of the Alexandria community of Del Ray.

Leisa recruited fellow local artists Forest Allread and Corinne Marlow for the project which depicts a Del Ray street scene that shows how human rights play an integral part in any true community. Read More…

Across the USA Tour

Starting in Los Angeles on September 1, 2009, and culminating in Washington DC three months later, the Across the USA from the Eyes of an Artist tour, was an action-packed adventure for Leisa and her husband Bruce, which marked the re-emergence of Leisa into the art world as a full-time visual artist. As they traveled, Leisa painted the landscape and documented the architectural styles of homes and buildings with sketches and photos. Read More…

Creative Art Workshops

Leisa believes that art and creativity should be part of everyday living and besides giving art workshops in her studio, she has given then in school classrooms, on the streets in front of historic landmarks, in parks and gardens, in front of the California Capital Building and at mountain and lake retreats in the New Zealand wilderness. Read More…

Growing Panes: Windows to a Better Tomorrow

This is a project that was organized by Leisa in her role as a Commissioner with the Alexandria Commission for the Arts. She worked with an intern, Lizlliam Cruz, and the project consisted of four Alexandria youth teams that created a series of “Art Windows” using different art mediums and focusing on issues that challenge youth today. Read More…

Preserving Architectural History

Preserving the historic beauty of homes, buildings and communities is a passion of Leisa’s—one that she actively supports. She also works with children to help them become more aware of the importance of this issue.

“The craftsmanship and raw aesthetics that went into these buildings is sadly very hard to find today,” says Leisa. “It is therefore vital that we preserve, document and celebrate these beautiful artistic structures and craftsmen of the past.” Read More…

The Way To Happiness booklet

As a long-time admirer of author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard, I am a huge fan of his “Common Sense Guide to Better Living”, The Way to Happiness. As is stated on the booklet, this may be the first nonreligious moral code based wholly on common sense. It was written by L. Ron Hubbard as an individual work and is not part of any religious doctrine.

The Way to Happiness booklet has amazing success in helping both children and adults alike to better understand how their own happiness, and the happiness of those around them, depends on the application of sound principles as outlined in the book.Read More…

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