Celebrating Summer and Getting Out and About

Summer Scenes with House Portrait Backdrops.

For those of us on the east coast, the warmer weather and longer summer days are truly a blessing.
These paintings are a celebration of summer and getting out and about. They include simple, enjoyable, every-day activities that we should never take for granted.
From kids playing in the streets, to walking the dog and an inquisitive boy checking out a free little library.  All have architectural backdrops that represent life and people in the city — weather in urban areas or quiet suburbs.
Kids playing in Alexandria, VA
Ball game in Philadelphia, PA
Phone conversation in Brooklyn, NY
Surprise flowers in Washington, DC
Walking the dog in Alexandria, VA
Relaxing on the porch, Alexandria, VA
Afternoon stroll in Charleston, SC
Walking in San Francisco, CA

These paintings are part of a “Life in the City” series of paintings I created. If you would like to find out more about this collection, just get in touch.

Let me know if you have a special request or idea for a house portrait. Whether its a different angle or season of your own home, the family home or that one-of-a-kind gift for a dear friend. I hate to remind everyone that Christmas is not that far away!

Don’t forgot that I always love to hear from you, find out what you are up to and receive your feedback.

Have a wonderful summer!

Cheers, Leisa

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