City of St. Louis House Portraits and Surrounding Cities

First Phase of House Portrait Series of Greater St. Louis Completed!

Class St. Louis historic building: original painting of Spine Cafe and Book Store in the Benton Park neighborhood, St. Loui

Watercolor paintings covering 21 distinct areas

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, St. Louis became the “Gateway to the West” in the 19th century for the adventurers and settlers following the path of Lewis and Clark into the new frontier.

Early architecture in St. Louis had strong French influences along with Victorian, Italianate, Federal and Colonial styles. Tudor homes became popular in St. Louis in the early 1900s. This architectural mix is reflected in neighborhoods like Benton Park, Lafayette Square and Carondelet.

I can truly say that the the residents in this area appreciate their rich cultural history. However, with thousands of abandoned buildings, the city currently faces the daunting challenge of how to save these historic beauties.

After a brief stay in St. Louis In 2017 to get the feel of things, we moved back in August 2022, and now live in this fully renovated 1911 Victorian town home, which has servied our purposes well. I especially love my sunroom studio.

Our home and my studio in Benton Park, St. Louis

I have selected just one house portrait to represent the 14 St. Louis city neighborhoods which I have covered so far in my series.  Following this are 7 house portrait paintings representing  7 cities in St. Louis County in which I now have collections of paintings.

Benton Park neighborhood, St. Louis MO

Custom house portrait Benton Park, St Louis MO

Central West End neighborhood, St. Louis

Pen and watercolor painting of home in Central West End, St. Louis MO

Compton Heights Neighborhood, St Louis

Hand-painted house portait Compton Heights, St Louis MO

Holly Hills Neighborhood, St. Louis

House portrait Holly Hills, St. Louis MO of storybook Tudor

Forsyth Place Neighborhood, St. Louis

Forsyth Place St. Louis house portrait

Lafayette Square Neighborhood, St. Louis

Custom historic house portrait in Lafayette Square, St. Louis

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood, St. Louis

Charming Tudor house portrait in Lindenwood Park, St. Louis

Northampton Neighborhood, St. Louis

The restored Golden Hoosier restaurant in Northampton St. Louis

Northmoor Park Neighborhood, St. Louis

Watercolor painting of home in Northmoor Park, St. Louis

Shaw neighborhood house portrait

Shaw neighbohood house portrait in city of St. Louis MO

Princeton Heights Neighborhood, St. Louis

Classic bungalow house portrait in Princeton Heights, St. Louis

Skinker Debaliviere Neighborhood, St Louis

Victorian house portrait Skinker Debaliviere, St Louis

Soulard Neighborhood, St. Louis

Popular pub in Soulard, St. Louis

Tower Grove South Neighborhood, St. Louis

Classic historic house portrait in Tower Grove South, St Louis


Greater St. Louis area cities

These cities are all situated in St. Louis County. They are all old cities with amazing architecture and their own culture and sense of communitity.  I have selected just one house portrait from each of these cities to give you a flavor.

City of Brentwood, MO

Hand-painted house portrait in Brentwood, MO

City of Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield Watercolor House Portrait

 City of Clayton

The city of Clayton is home to the St. Louis County government. Beyond the gleaming high-rises, local boutiques and eateries of downtown Clayton, one finds quiet tree-lined streets and an abundance of interesting historic homes. Each September the nationally renowned Saint Louis Art Fair attracts more than 150,000 people to Clayton’s streets

Elegant home portrait in Clayton MO

City of Glendale, MO

House portrait, Glendale MO

City of Ladue, MO

Ladue hand-painted home portrait

University City, MO

One of the oldest areas in greater St. Louis, University City was a streetcar suburb in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Much of its historic architecture remains in the souther, older portion of the city, especially along Delmar Boulevard. Named for its proximity to Washington University, the city was founded by publisher Edward Gardner Lewis who began developing the area around his publishing complex in 1903. He served as the city’s first mayor. University City was incorporated in 1906.

University City watercolor house portrait in the snow

City of Webster Groves, MO

Webster Groves home portrait in the fall


So there you have a fast architectural view of the beautiful architecture that can be found in the greater St. Louis area.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.

Until next time!



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