Nashville Homes Series!

Georgian, Craftsman Homes, Bungalows, Tudors, Colonials, Cape Cods, Ranch style, and more in my Nashville House Portrait collection.

Nashville is such a fun and vibrant city and its architecture is just as interesting.  Commonly known as “the Music City”,  Nashville is an icon in American culture. Its where talented artists migrate for a chance to break into the industry and achieve their dreams.  With architectural gems like the Ryman Auditorium and Belmont Mansion , Nashville also has a rich history and over the decades it has attracted artists of all genres.  Though I did bring my guitar, my aspiration was to find some architectural stars for my Nashville home portrait series.

One of the first architectural icons I visited in Nashville was the Replica of the Parthenon in Greece. The building itself and the Athena statue that accompanies it are both full-scale replicas of the Athenian originals. Having been to Athens and seen these relics for myself, re-creating them is an incredible feat, and a tribute to the ancient masters of architecture.

My series so far includes paintings of 30 homes in 8 of my favorite neighborhoods and in 13 different architectural styles. These neighborhoods include Belle Meade, Bellmont- Hillsboro, Green Hills, Hillsboro Village, Lockeland Springs, Melrose, Oak Hill, and West Meade.

Favorite Homes in Eight Neighborhoods of Nashville

Belle Meade

Belle Meade, which is French for “beautiful meadow “, was named by  John Harding in 1807, and it is still a tribute to its name. With its woodsy scenery surrounding large lawn landscapes and mansions, to its giant stoned stepped Percy Warner Park, parts of Belle Meade are quite awe-inspiring

A classic Belle Meade Italian Renaissance Revival on Boxcroft Pl.


A newer built home with an eclectic mix of traditional styles on Belle Meade Ave.


A classic Nashville ranch style home on Cheek Road in Belle Meade.


A home on Cheek Road, Belle Meade, with a French Colonial vibe and Mid-Century Modern accents.


An iconic farm house style home, a copy from a 1936 Connecticut cottage, on Drew Place, Belle Meade.


This well-preserved Craftsman built in 1938, can be found on Lynnwood Blvd in the Belle Meade area.


A modern red brick cottage, set in attractive landscaping on Harding Place in Belle Meade.


This charming home on Signal Hill Dr. caught my eye. It is tucked away in a park-like setting with mature trees in the Belle Meade neighborhood.


A stunning French Colonial on Westview Ave in the neighborhood of Belle Meade.

Belmont – Hillsboro

Hillsboro Village is a collection of shops, boutiques, and restaurants perfect for a day’s stroll. Adjacent to Hillsboro Village is the Belmont area, which is home to Belmont University, shops, and good food. Into the 21st century, the neighborhood now has a variety of architectural styles with a mix of bungalows, cottages and Tudors being the most common, however, you will still find more contemporary styles. The process of home renovation and restoration continues today, maintaining a very desirable Nashville neighborhood.

A classic Cape Cod in Belmont Hillsboro on Sweetbriar Ave.
White Crepe Myrtles leads the way to this Hillsboro Home on Belmont Blvd.
Built in 1901, this stunning Victorian on Belmont Blvd. has been treated with TLC over the years

Green Hills

About 15 minutes from downtown Nashville is an upscale suburban conclave named Green Hills. Having been established in the 1930s the population would not boom until after WWII. Though only a small distance from the hustle and bustle of Nashville, Green Hills has an overall small-town feel, which I always tend to gravitate to.

Here is an elegant Green Hills Colonial on Chatworth Drive, depicted in spring.
Another mood to the same Colonial Green Hills home on Chatworth Drive, this time showing the magic of winter.


I fell in love with this cheerful Tudor cottage on Kenner Ave, with its white picket fence in the Green Hills neighborhood.


This modern Tudor on Kenner Ave. has a unique charm, especially in the fall.


A Green Hills French Colonial nestled in a forest setting off of Sunnyside Dr.


Simply elegant, 1930 Georgian, on Vail Court in Green Hills
The Georgian on Vail Court in younger years. The owner of the home shared this historic photo with me.


A Green Hills French Eclectic on Cantrell Ave. stands out in the autumn landscape


I was attracted to the colorful landscaping of this quaint Green Hills Cape Cod on Lone Oak Dr.


A timeless American style home on Hillmont Drive in Green Hills which has a colonial theme


A fall depiction of a charming 1939 cottage on Hampton Ave in the Green Hills neighborhood.


A welcoming 1950’s ranch style home on Trimble Rd in the Green Hills neighborhood. I guessed this was the home of an artist. I was right!


A classic Green Hills Colonial with an inviting porch on Dorcas Dr.
A perfect fall day to capture this Green Hills ranch style home on Estes Rd.

Lockeland Springs

Lockeland Springs began its growth in the early 1900’s when homes used kerosene lamps for lighting and coal was used for heating, and I was pleased to see that today many of those homes are still standing, thanks to local groups like the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association which is dedicated to the preservation of the neighborhood’s long-standing architecture.

A well maintained 1919 Craftsman on Forrest Ave in the Lockeland Springs neighborhood
I discovered this old world bungalow home on Ordway Pl. in Lockeland Springs. It was built in 1940.


Although I created paintings of only one home representing the following neighborhoods, each area was  rich with interesting classic and modern houses.

Hillsboro Village

Once part of the Belmont estate, Hillsboro Village has an interesting early history when it mainly consisted of a grocery store and pharmacy.  When the property around Hillsboro Village began to be subdivided into neighborhoods around 1890,  the population began to boom. Located between Belmont University and Vanderbilt University,  I noted college students and families strolling the village shopping center and enjoying the parks.

A quaint Tudor built in 1938 that I discovered on Woodlawn Dr. in Hillsboro Village. I love the little sit in porch


A lovely bungalow on Gilmore Ave. in the Melrose neighborhood.

Oak Hill

An elegant Oak Hill Cottage on Robin Rd.

West Meade

Finally a traditional ranch style home on Currywood Dr. in a West Meade summer setting


I would like to thank the owners of these beautiful homes for making them art inspiring.

Many people ask me how I go about selecting homes to be part of my various house painting collections.  When I depict the architecture in an area, my goal is to create an eclectic mix of interesting house portraits that present both the history of the area as well as an array of architectural styles that artistically reflect that particular neighborhood or city.

Here is some further historic information regards Nashville, thanks to the Nashville Archives.  I find that knowing the history of an area gives one a much broader understanding of the architecture and of course the people of that city and its origins.

Furthermore, I am proud to say that nearly all of the original paintings displayed above can be found hanging on the walls of each of these homes.   If you live in Nashville and would like to commission me to create a portrait of your home or the home of a loved one, I am always honored to do so. Just get in touch with me  to discuss your  project.

Cheers, Leisa