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Leisa helping a workshop participant

Leisa believes that art and creativity should be part of everyday living and besides giving art workshops in her studio, she has given then in school classrooms, on the streets in front of historic landmarks, in parks and gardens, in front of the California Capital Building and at mountain and lake retreats in the New Zealand wilderness.

States Leisa: “Young or old, the greatest joy there is in life is creating! So when someone tells me they ‘don’t have a creative bone in their body’ I just laugh, because I know I will be able to prove them wrong in very short order once they start my creativity workshop!”

Testimonials from workshop participants:

“I learned that simplicity is a powerful creative tool. I realized that in our day-to-day life today there is too much attention on complexities. Consequently, the workshop had an “uncluttering” effect on me, which was VERY relaxing and helped me to create an art piece that I am proud of.”

– Cindy Smith New Zealand

“As someone who considered I had NO artistic ability, Leisa has definitely “unleashed” my creative side. Leisa provides a confidence building experience that, along with patience and practice, should result in the creation of my own masterpiece.”

– Mary Sloper, Virginia USA

“This workshop was a fantastic experience Leisa! The key that unlocked it for me was your stress on simply “observing” and then putting down what you see. So simple! You kept the workshop moving along well but did so in a relaxed manner. You’re wonderfully inspirational as well as being a superb artist in your own right! “

– Bu Windsor, New Zealand

“I can’t believe that I have created this drawing in just 20 minutes in my first lesson with Leisa! The last time I did any sort of art work was when I was a little girl. I can’t wait for the next lessons and to produce my final framed piece!”

– Stephanie Irmer, Virginia, USA

Leisa Collins creative art workshop 2Media links:

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