Fun Re-purposed Art Project for our Bedroom

Livening up our loft bedroom 

I decided I needed to fill the big gaping space above our bed. It’s been calling me for a while.  I definitely didn’t want to put up my own art. Something historic, something re-purposed, something inexpensive.


I was wandering through the Pasadena Architectural Salvage store for inspiration.  It’s a great place by the way.  I found this old ceiling from a Victorian home.  The painted white front was pretty boring…


But then you look at the back of this tile panel.   Its got a natural tarnished, oxidized rusty look. Lovely!



I then used some of my acrylic paints, ultra marine blue and green  and purple to deepen the color in the panel.


The next step was fun. I used some gold paint (Liquitex Basics) and highlights grooves and interesting ridges in the design. I just used a rag for this.


Here’s a close up.


And voila! Here it is!  Hubby Bruce helped me figure out how to hang it.  The whole project only took about an hour!


Happy creating!


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