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My garden paintings keep your garden alive for your enjoyment throughout the year.

When I think of garden paintings, I always remember that there is nothing quite as pleasant as relaxing in a beautiful garden. Whether a garden patio, an arts and crafts garden, or a shady garden grove, there is nothing more enjoyable for me than to create a colorful watercolor garden painting for you.

“I love my garden painting! You have captured it at its best and it looks so alive and vibrant. It makes all the hard work worthwhile and now I can enjoy it all year round!”

– M.C., Gisborne, New Zealand

Garden paintings: River farm pathway
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In my garden paintings, my goal is to capture the true personality of the garden in its natural environment. I love to capture colors and details that elicit the happy memories.

I invite you to browse my Garden Paintings Gallery of original garden paintings. You can click on any image below to enlarge it and view all of the images together as a slideshow gallery. If you are interested in commissioning a garden painting, CLICK HERE to contact the artist.

Your garden is your refuge! Why not capture it in an original garden painting? Give a unique and memorable gift to yourself or a loved one that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Beautiful gardens require a lot of creativity and maintenance. On a personal level they can therefore be very rewarding and enjoyable. That’s why it’s easy for me to appreciate and admire a well-kept garden.

Is there a garden that has special meaning for you or someone you care about? If so, click the link below to get in touch with me. Find out how to get a personalized pen and watercolor garden painting of that special garden scene.

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