Happy Independence Day!

Announcing My American Heart Collection

The 4th of July commemorates the day the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Second Continental Congress in 1776. It was on this day, 248 years ago, that the original 13 colonies separated from Great Britain and became a new nation.

I couldn’t think of a better day to announce my latest series, which I have proudly named: My American Heart. This new collection celebrates the spirit of America.

Independence Day at the Farm House Portrait
Independence Day at the Farm

While I will always cherish my New Zealand roots, the United States is where I have spent the last four decades. I will always be grateful for the opportunities that this country has afforded me, as well as other entrepreneurs and freedom lovers.

My coffee table book, Hand Painted Homes: An Artist’s Pen & Watercolor Journey Across America reflects this, showing the legacy and eclectic beauty of the built environment across every state in this nation. Architecture is about people and the stories they create and the legacies they leave behind.

I decided now is time to look deeper into the American soul, as only art can do.

In this current age of political bickering and derisiveness, I felt the urge to present a more united view — one that I believe gives an accurate reflection of the simple values and images I have seen on my travels around this diverse and interesting country.

This handful of pen & watercolor paintings is just the start. As this campaign grows, it is my hope that other artists will join me in promoting this positive, strictly non-political American message of hope and resilience. My plan is to create a new website that, through art, will provide a conduit for the positive images and stories of people and places in America. Despite the news of doom and destruction routinely promulgated by the media, I believe that the United States is still a land of flourishing opportunity, and home to the freest people the world has ever known.

May you have a fun and relaxing day my friends, spending time with family or just hanging out and enjoying some time on the porch.


Click here to see the My American Heart collection.

Cheers, Leisa

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