Helping Artists Succeed!

Creating a Niche Market for your art.

While in Lansing MI a couple of weeks ago, and before heading down to St. Louis, I had the honor of facilitating a workshop for a dozen extremely talented local artists. I am an affiliate member of a wonderful arts administration firm based in Lansing called Opportunity Arts LLC, and the founder of this organization, Mike Mariott, organized the event.

The workshop took place at the famous Lansing heritage landmark, Turner-Dodge House, and the theme was how to create a niche market for ones art. I also gave tips regarding how to making your living as an artist as well as creating consistent reliable income as a career artist.

What a great group of artists, all with their own creative skills and diverse talents. And there is nothing that I like doing more than helping other artists flourish and prosper! As relayed to me afterwards, the attendees got a lot of tips that they are now using in their careers. Here we all are in this group photo at the end. Once again, thanks to Mike Mariott for making this happen!


Here’s to your creative success!



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