Historic District Collections

Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia

Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California

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This is the city where I re-launched my art career in 2010, and its historic architecture and vibrant seasonal changes became my main inspiration and focal point. We could not have chosen a more perfect location for my studio and community activities. A beautifully-preserved historic district right on the Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria is in the heart of the city George Washington called home.

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Atwater Village is an eclectic and artsy neighborhood and it was fun living there for a few months when we first arrived in Los Angeles in 2013. The main street is bursting with alluring unique stores and I discovered some real architectural gems such as the 1920’s ‘Egyptian Revival’ bungalows on Brunswick Ave.

Atwater is famous for it’s historic Hyperion Bridge which spans the Los Angeles River and is home to a myriad of wildlife, such as the Grey Heron.

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South Pasadena Historic District, California

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I loved living and having my studio in South Pasadena! It’s got that wonderful small town charm which I tried to capture in my series of paintings. They include the well loved Buster’s Cafe on Mission Street across from the Metro; the Main Library with it’s massive Moreton Bay Fig Tree; the Meridian Iron Works which was built in 1882 and now serves as the local Historical Museum; the Fair Oaks Pharmacy, an old time ice cream parlor which recently celebrated its 100th birthday; and Kaldi Cafe, a favorite hang-out for us.

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