House Portrait with Four Cats!

Watercolor home in seasonal settings

This was a really fun project and a wonderful story.  My client asked me to create four paintings of her childhood home in Wellesley, MA in each of the four seasons. She gave me details for each season and had a special request. That I include four different cats that her parents have had and loved over the years and the typical poses for each. Then she left me to it!

This Christmas she is presenting an original seasonal painting to her parents (who still live in the home) as well as her two siblings. She and her husband are keeping one for themselves of course!

Please enjoy the beauty of the seasons below. And see if you can find the cats!



In the words of my client, upon receiving the paintings:

“They are beautiful!  Thank you again for the perfect portrayal of my parents house! I am beyond thrilled with the outcome.”

Until next time.

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