What does a House Portrait in Jordan look like?

 A house portrait story that goes beyond the shores of the USA. . .

One of my clients who lives in a lovely historic home in Washington DC told her father, who lives in Jordan, about my work.  He then commissioned me to create paintings of his home. This was an exciting project as I had no idea what a home in Amman, Jordan would look like.

Before long I was sent a battery of photos of the home to use in making my recommendations on how to best portray it as a work of art. My two favorite choices were the photos below. I love the garden and grandeur of the front and yet the the angle showing the pool is also very interesting.

Jordan House Portrait - front

Jordan House Portrait - Back







I finally decided that if it had to be one painting, then it was best to go with the front.  The next step which I often take for my clients, is to create a rough sketch of the subject, as you can see below.

Home in Jordan

Fortunately the owner, Mr Toukan, made things very easy for me by deciding to get paintings of both angles!  Great choice and double the fun in creating them!

And…. here they are!

The front view of the home in Amman, Jordan
The poolside view of this home in Amman, Jordan

Additionally, Mr. Toukan was kind enough to give me a few more details about himself and his beautiful home. He has told me that this is one a large number of elegant homes in Amman.  It was built in 1956 and is unique in its design.  Mr. Toukan renovated the interior when he purchased it about ten years ago.

Farouk Toukan is a graduate of  Oxford University, an active philanthropist and is in the steel industry as the Executive Partner of the CICON Group of Companies, which is based in the United Arab Emirates.

I hope you have enjoyed this house portrait profile. I always love getting your feedback.  If you have an idea for a commissioned architectural portrait, you know how to reach me!

Cheers, Leisa

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