House portrait testimonials

Find out what my clients are saying about their commissioned portraits.

My wife cried upon opening the Bristol, VA painting at Christmas. My seven-year-old grandson said, “Mammie are you crying because you like it or because you don’t?” She replied, “I’m crying because I LOVE it!”. Thank you for your work.

– David Leonard, VA

“Leisa’s work is impeccable. She captured each small detail of the house where I grew up. She translated a lifetime of memories into a beautiful work of art. Not secondary to her talent is her warm personality that shines through in her artistry. My family and I will be treasuring this piece for many a year to come. Thank you again, Leisa! It was such a pleasure working with you.”– Erin Moran, VA
“We received your beautiful painting yesterday. It is absolutely gorgeous and it shows how much of yourself, heart and soul, you put into it. After all, our house deserves to have a portrait of itself — and now it has the best!”– Dennis Bachmann, CA
“I just love the painting.  I put a lot of thought into the renovation and am especially pleased that you caught the little touches that mean so much to me. My closest friend in the neighborhood commented on the wonderful level of detail and told me how the painting makes her want to walk up to the front door for a visit. You caught so many of the details, we were amazed! It is such fun to see them lovingly portrayed through someone else’s eyes.”– Erika Siegel, MD
“Well the painting was a home run…truly, everyone has remarked about what a wonderful job you did. All the little details you included (house numbers, pumpkins, rocking chair, etc.) and you captured the true colors of the house — way better than the photographs I provided.  So thank you again. We are all thrilled with it.”– Tina Weinheimer, IL
“I LOVE the house portrait — it’s really beautiful! Great detail and perfect composition. Makes me want to buy our house all over again!”– Karen Carr, NC
“The painting arrived in excellent condition, and I love the colors and details.  This will be a treasure for my whole family, and I know my mother will be delighted to receive it as a surprise gift.  Thank you so much for choosing our home to create your wonderful art with.”– Rebecca Bishop, MI
“I am sitting here in my cozy family room gazing at the two house portraits that Leisa painted for us. Every time I look at them, I feel happiness and gratitude. We have lived in this house for 30 years and love it, but we never thought about having a portrait of it until we saw her work. Her watercolor detail is so exact that you feel you could walk into the painting. And her use of color and light is so pleasing to the eye.  Because we so loved the painting she created of our house in the Spring, we sent her some photos of our house in the blizzard of 2016. She gave us the most beautiful rendition of our snow covered winter wonderland. We especially love the warm glow of the lights inside contrasting with the stark coldness of the snow outside.What wonderful gifts she gave to us . . . and that we gave to ourselves! Thank you Leisa!”– Marilyn Terzian, MD

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