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Historic homes are one of my favorite subjects for house portraits.

House portraits of historic homes are one of my favorite paintings because they have so much character. As I capture the details for a historic house portrait I always wonder about the families who lived there and the stories they could tell.

“What a warm, comforting feeling when I look at my house portrait. I can feel us in the living room in front of a fire on Christmas morning. I can smell turkey in the oven. I will pass my house portrait painting to my children who I have no doubt will pass it on to their children. Thank you!”

– D.W., New Jersey USA

Annapolis Maryland

When I create a house portrait, my objective is to capture the true personality of a home and it’s garden surroundings with all those happy family memories. I especially love to paint historic houses and buildings, Craftsman style homes, bungalow style homes and other classic home styles.

I invite you to browse my Historic Homes Gallery of original house portrait paintings.

You can click on any image below to enlarge it and view all of the images together as a slideshow gallery.

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Your Home IS Your Castle!  Why not capture it in an original house portrait painting? Give a memorable gift to yourself or a loved one that will be treasured for a lifetime – a unique painting by an international home portrait artist. MY HOUSE PORTRAITS ARE 100% QUALITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Historic homes generally require a good deal of care. This gives rise to homeowners who have great pride in their historic properties.

Do you know of any historic houses that have special meaning for you or someone you care about? If so, click the link below to get in touch with me. Find out how to get personalized pen and watercolor house portraits of those special historic homes.

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