House Portraits in San Marino

Watercolor Home Portraits in San Marino, California

Architecturally, San Marino is a very interested area. I think it can be best described as eclectically elegant with lush green lawns and manicured colorful gardens.  From small bungalows

Cute bungalow in the heart of San Marino, CA

to elegant Italianate homes,

San Marino CA Italianate home

to impressive Spanish,

San Marino Spanish watercolor with beautiful garden

to interesting Tudors,

1317 Oxford Rd, San Marino Susan Seitz
San Marino, CA, Tudor home

San Marino has it all!

Interesting info re San Marino: 

The city in located in the San Rafael Hill and was incorporated in 1913. It was designed by its founders to be uniquely residential, with expansive properties surrounded by beautiful gardens, wide streets, and well maintained parkways. The population is around 14,000.

In 2010, Forbes Magazine ranked the city as the 63rd most expensive area to live in the United States.  To a prior generation of Southern Californians, San Marino was known for its old-money wealth.  By mid-century, other European ethnic groups had become the majority; in recent decades, immigrants of Chinese (especially Taiwanese) ancestry have come to represent more than half of the population.

San Marino is the location of the Huntington Library and gardens. In 1919 Henry Huntington provided limited access to the art collections, and to the rare books and historical documents, housed in the library and in his large Neoclassical–Palladian mansion, as well as to the surrounding botanical gardens, all collectively known as “The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens”, or “The Huntington”, to the public.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of San Marino and some of the lovely homes that are now part of my San Marino series.

Cheers, Leisa