My Houston Home Portrait Favorites

Houston Homes and Watercolor Memories…

Being that I am currently in the process of putting my coffee table book together, it occurred to me some months ago that I had virtually nothing to show for the state of Texas.  I mean it’s only one the 2nd biggest state geographically and the 3rd most populous state in the country!  I somehow had the idea that there would be nothing but boring dusty ranch houses, lots of brown and a distinct lack of anything resembling growth and green.

Upon arriving in Houston I discovered nothing could be further from the truth.  I first feasted on some of city’s oldest landmarks such as the famous art deco Houston Town Hall and the stunning Neo-Byzantine subjects standing tall on the campus of Rice University. But reaching beyond that into the quiet lush tree lined neighborhoods, I discovered a fascinating array of diverse and extremely interesting homes.  In addition to historic Tudor, Craftsman, Spanish style and Colonials, I found and selected many newly built homes to be part of my Houston series. I was impressed with their carefully designed and crafted character so that they blended seamlessly in with their more elderly architectural neighbors.

Here is a quick tour — or should say a flash exhibit — of just some of my favorite homes. However I have to say that all the homes in my Houston collection are favorites — but these ones I have featured below best showcase the eclectic and diverse mix of houses that makes up Houston, the biggest city in the Lone Star State!

Banks St, Houston
Betsy Lane, Houston
Del Monte, Houston
Somewhere in Houston, can’t remember where….
Quenby Ave, Houston
River Bend Drive, Houston
Robinhood Street, Houston
Wickersham Lane, Houston TX
Willers Way, Houston
Quenby Ave, Houston
Robinhood Ave, Houston

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