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Modern houses of all styles are terrific house portrait subjects.

Modern houses come in a broad array of noteworthy architectural styles and combinations. They can be found in varied natural settings. Due to this interesting variety I quite like painting home portaits of modern houses. Most of the paintings in this gallery are commissioned modern house portraits.

Austin, Texas

When I create a modern house portrait, my objective is to capture the true personality of the home in its natural surroundings. In addition to modern houses, I love to paint historic houses, historic buildings, Craftsman style homes, bungalow homes and other classic house styles.

I invite you to browse my Modern Houses Gallery of original house portrait paintings. You can click on any image below to enlarge it and view all of the images together as a slideshow gallery.

If you are interested in commissioning a home portrait, CLICK HERE to contact the artist.

Your Home IS Your Castle!  Why not capture it in an original house portrait painting? Give a memorable gift to yourself or a loved one that will be treasured for a lifetime – a unique painting by an international home portrait artist. MY HOUSE PORTRAITS ARE 100% QUALITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

Modern houses bring to life a variety of interesting architectural styles. For this reason, one’s modern house can be a very personal and endearing piece of property.

Is there a modern house that has special meaning for you or someone you care about? If so, click the link below to get in touch with me. Find out how to get a personalized pen and watercolor house portrait of that special modern home.

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