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Announcing: Art Inspiring Homes Across the USA!

Over the years I have covered thousands of miles and have accumulated a portfolio of around 1500 portraits of homes and historic buildings in 46 states.    I always find it fascinating to see the changes in architectural form as one traverses the country. The reasons for those changes are as varied as local weather conditions, cultural diversity and available building resources.   As the old saying goes, “one’s home is one’s castle”.  Imagine the stories if those walls could talk!

In recent times I have been repeatedly asked by clients when I will be putting a book together that showcases my pen and watercolor home portraits. Finally I am taking their advise to heart and have started to work on my coffee table book project, the working title of which is:


While my artistic inspiration is the  vast and captivating array of architecture one finds in every corner of this land, my fascination lies with the individuals and families who with their hands, skill or artistic design brought each and every one of these forms into being, creating both a footprint and legacy that we enjoy today.

Art Inspiring Homes - different examples
Ranging from simple adobe craftsmanship to elegant turn of the century homes and dynamic modern design, I hope to show the breadth and variety of my architectural subjects

The hardest part of this project will be selecting the paintings to feature in the book.  I would like to put them all in there!   I am working to create new art work within various regions and intend to have portraits depicting all 50 states  — so seven more to go.  I am still trying to figure out Alaska!  Intriguing historic, cultural and architectural facts about selected homes and regions will add further interest to the book. My friend, author and historic architectural enthusiast Sidney Showers will be writing all those interesting tip-bits to reflect this fascinating architectural journey across America. Providing this information however is where we need the help of my one thousand plus homeowner clients!

I will keep you updated as the project moves forward.

Cheers,  Leisa