My Art Inspiring House Portrait Contest!

Win a house portrait of your home — worth $500!

As a homeowner myself, I know that there are a lot of expenses involved in keeping your home looking beautiful and sometimes purchasing a portrait of your house is not on the top of your priorities!

I have decided to start a tradition to give back to homeowners of art inspiring homes. Every 6 months I will run a contest where the winner will receive a FREE pen and watercolor painting of their home as a thank you for having an art inspiring home!  The value of this painting is $500!

Here’s what you have to do to enter.

1. Select an existing photo of your home.  Or alternately walk outside and take a photo of it. 

2. Go to my Leisa Collins Art Facebook page and find the contest.

3. Push the “like” button and upload your photo of your home and add a comment. 


Submissions will be accepted through to the end of April, at which time all of the homes will be placed in an album and open for voting! Ask your friends and family to “like” your photo, and the home with the most likes will receive the FREE framed and matted house portrait. 

 Here’s some art inspiring homes that I transformed into an original painting.

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your art inspiring home!


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