NEWSFLASH! My first St. Louis Art show!

seen & found art show


I am honored to join forces with three wonderful Benton Park artists, Don Murphy, Phyllis Terry Friedman and Scott Bean for this one-day pop up show on Sunday, April 23, between 11 – 7 pm with a wine&cheese reception between 6 – 7 pm.

We all share a passion to amplify and celebrate some of St. Louis’ hidden gems.  Featured media includes painting, prints, assemblages and photography.


Scott Bean, paintings/prints

“I love wild shadows, old architecture, designed spaces like parks as well as industrial scenes. Discovering St. Louis has been great for my art making. Nighttime corners of Soulard, twilight in Benton Park, the storefronts of Cherokee Street have all inspired my work for this show. I am glad I found myself here.”

Leisa Collins, ink/watercolors

“Being that my passion and art evolves around the built world and architectural gems, every day is a seen & found experience in Benton Park and throughout the city of St. Louis. From the grandeur of restored craftsmanship to the haunting beauty of sad abandonment, I love to capture what I see surrounding me.

Phyllis Terry Friedman, assemblages

“I scour antique stores and salvage yards for objects that have been cast aside – old pipe fittings, rusted washers, floor grates, key holes, worn saw blades – giving them new life as abstract pieces that are balanced, harmonious and visually compelling. I mix these elements with rare wood, often found as scraps from woodworkers and guitar makers: Honduran mahogany, African lati and pink ivory wood, Madagascar rosewood, katalox, leopardwood, purpleheart, ebony and spalted maple. I put these wood pieces at the center, sometimes embellished with rocks and minerals, and draw my palette from the stones and wood tones. Each piece has its own character, colored and designed by nature.”

Don Morgan, Photographs and Paintingraphs

“My photographic seeing usually results in prints with abstract forms and colors, usually from findings on sidewalks, yards, building walls, and in the woods. In my ongoing “Street Art” series I collect patterns of tar on streets,  colors on curbs, and the odd objects found there.   Other recent work I call “Paintingraphs” because they look like big abstract paintings, but in truth, they are photographs of walls in Guatemala and objects seen in Benton Park at Reagan Young’s Junque yard at the Lemp Brewery.” 

Let me know if you have any questions.  Would love to see you there!


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