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Spring may look different is various parts of the country . . . but it always warm one’s heart

There’s something special about spring!  After those long cold dreary days, the sun bursts forth, new buds grow and vibrant colors come to view. It’s finally safe to go outside, have a picnic and revel in this wonderful time of the year.

Being that I have lived all over the USA and travelled to every corner, I can appreciate the different forms of spring in every region. I often hear people say that Florida, Southern California, New Mexico and even parts of Texas don’t really experience spring.  Not so. It is just a matter of looking…

Allow me to take you on a  meandering spring house portrait tour across the USA to show you some of my favorite spring portraits.  And while you are at it, please enjoy the array of beautiful homes that go with these spring blooms.

The Midwest

The Midwest is filled with a variety of architectural styles from Colonial to Ranch and everything between. Bungalows and Craftsman style homes are abundant,  Although as you get closer to the divide between the Midwest and the Northeast, more historical homes like Colonial Revivals Cape Cod, Tudor and Victorians become more frequent.

A Frank Lloyd Wright home in Chicago, IL that just celebrated its 100th birthday.
Dogwoods and Azaleas in Grand Rapids, MI.
VIctorian spring portrait in Chicago, IL.
Ranch home in the spring in Fairway, KS.
Azaleas in Ada, MI.
Craftsman home in the spring in Lansing, MI.
Spring portrait in Clayton, MO.
Heritage home in Kansas City, MO.

The Northeast

If ever there were a perfect region for Colonial style homes and cottages, the Northeast is it. These styles run rampant throughout this part of the U.S., yet you can still find an abundant mix of Victorian, Ranch, Craftsman, Tudor and Country style homes sprinkled in the mix.  I’ve included a variety of examples of architectural styles from my selection of Spring portraits in this region below.

Spring portrait in Trumbull, CT.
Beautiful Lilac trees and Azaleas in Arlington, MA.
White Dogwoods in Boston, MA.
Pansies in Brookline, MA.
A spring bouquet in Brookline, MA.
A Cherry tree takes center piece in Wellesley, MA.
A variety of spring blooms in coastal Kennebunkport, ME.
Azaleas and Cherry trees in Bedford, NH.
Spring portrait in New York, NY.
The famous Plaza Hotel in New York, NY.
Spring portrait in Downington, PA.
Merion Station, PA in the spring.
Spring portrait in Newton Square, PA.
Smithfield, RI.spring portrait

The Southeast

The southernmost region of the U.S. is quite expansive and the architectural styles can vary noticably in certain states. For example, Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia commonly have traditional Colonial and Southern style homes, but with many other influences as well. Georgia also sports French style homes in about a fifth of their overall single-family residences.  The Southern style home is a staple in this region with the large wrap-around porches and shuttered windows. (Rocking chairs are a must-have!) Florida, on the other hand, has a different atmosphere, with Mediterranean and Spanish style homes in abundance.

Pink Dogwood in this Mobile, AL spring portrait.
Washington, D.C.at its best in spring.
Daffodils and more in this spring portrait in Washington, D.C.
Classic Azaleas in Washington, D.C.
Spring has a different form in Gables, FL.
Beginning of Spring in Dunedin, FL.
Lilac and Daffodils in St. Petersburg, FL.
Spring portrait in Tampa, FL.
Atlanta, GA in the spring.
Spring magic in Louisville, KY.
Spring bouquets in New Orleans, LA.
Classic spring in Bethesda, MD.
Azaleas and tulips in Chevy Chase, MD.
Spring finds this home in Garrett Park, MD.
Traditional spring blooms in Kensington, MD.
Azaleas in Rockville, MD.
Cherry trees in Silver Springs, MD.
Spring portrait in Wilmington, NC.
Spring blooms in Charleston, SC.
Spring portrait in Memphis, TN.
Classic cherry blossoms in Old Town Alexandria, VA.
Cherry blossoms and more in Alexandria, VA.

The Southwest

Spring in Austin, TX.
Spring color in Austin, TX.
Charming Tudor cottage in the spring in Dallas, TX.
Spring bursts forth in Dallas, TX.
Azaleas in spring portrait in Dallas, TX.
Spring portrait in Dallas, TX.
Wisteria in Fort Worth, TX.
Spring portrait in Houston, TX with the pets enjoying the warm weather.
Spring portrait in San Antonio, TX.

The West

The Western region of the U.S. has many Craftsman homes as well as ranch styles. This includes Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and California. These styles are intertwined with an eclectic mix of Modern, Colonial Revivals, Mediterranean, Tudor and historic Victorians throughout this region.

Azaleas in Altadena, CA.
Jacaranda blooms frame this cottage in Burbank, CA.
Spring blooms in canyon country in Del Mar, CA.
Vibrant spring blooms in Glendale, CA.
Irises, daffodils and more in La Canada Flintridge, CA.
Coastal spring blooms in La Jolla, CA.
Classic spring blooms surround this historic Queen Anne home in Monrovia, CA.
Lilac bushes in Oakland, CA.
Spring portrait in Pasadena, CA.
San Francisco, CA with its own brand of spring.
Art Deco at its best in San Francisco, CA.
San Jose, CA in the spring.
Spring portrait in San Marino, CA.
Sausalito, CA spring home.
Jacaranda tree and pansies in Sierra Madre, CA.
Spring portrait in Colorado Springs, CO.
Spring blossoms in rural Montana.
Dogwood trees in Portland, OR
Another beautiful spring portrait in Portland, OR.
Spring portrait in Seattle, WA.


When it comes to painting house portraits, spring is one of my favorite seasons, I love the vibrant blooms, fresh green leaves and revitalized landscaping which varies from one location to the next.

If you would like me to capture your home in the spring just let me know. Perhaps you would like to match it with an existing portrait of your home in another season.  Over the years I have become quite familiar with seasonal flora so can create any season through working with you in terms of landscaping details.

And be on the look out for my Father’s Day special which I will be announcing shortly.

Cheers and may you enjoy the spring color and warmer weather while it lasts!