The Beauty of a Winter House Portrait

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Snowy magic in Illinois and a welcoming home in watercolor

Home in the snow in Inverness, IL

Living in Michigan as I am currently, I sometimes curse the lack of mobility that winter brings.  The snow ploys, salt, having to pry ice off the care, snow shoveling and not to mention the arctic temperatures!

As an artist I remind myself that winter is actually a beautiful aesthetic time of year. Snow is a like a blanket of white magic that descends on us, quietly and peacefully. It covers ugliness and even the most dilapidated homes can look  lovely, especially with warm light in the windows.

Winter is your chance to wear your favorite sweaters and hat and scarf sets. It a time for cosy fires and hot cocoa. Hot soup is one of my favorites in winter . And once you are all geared up, winter is a great time for long walks outside, especially at sunset.

So next time you curse the snow and cold and ice, think about the awesome things about winter and most of all the beauty it brings and the art and creativity it can inspire.