Stunning House Portrait Subjects: 12 points that make a home art inspiring!

How many art inspiring points does your home have?

I am lucky enough to receive new commission requests for house portraits every week, however I like to chose my own subjects as well and create collections of portraits that architecturally depict specific geographic areas.  From time to time the owners of these selected homes have asked how I came to choose their house.  I started thinking about this recently. I figured there’d be about a handful of art inspiring elements, but once I got into it I came up with 12!   I have listed these below along with examples some of my favorite portraits from around the country that I feel reflect particularly well one of the 12 individual points. (Click on any of the portraits below to make them larger.)

  1. The home is obviously loved. It’s well maintained and often has unique and intriguing features attached to the house or displayed in the garden that reflects the personality of it’s owner.
Annapolis, Maryland
  1. The architectural style of the home is interesting and the house, porch, outdoor décor and garden compliment this theme, whether it’s Modern, Ranch-style, Craftsman, Tudor, Victorian, Eclectic etc.
Denver, Colorado
  1. The house in all its glory can be clearly viewed, i.e. it is not hidden by trees, hedges, tall fences, gates, brick walls and other artist obstacles.
Denver, Colorado
  1. The landscaping, including trees and bushes, is attractive and helps create the overall atmosphere and vibrance of the home.
Pasadena, California
  1. The home emanates an inviting and welcoming aura, making me want to walk right up the path, knock on the door or relax on the porch.
Alexandria, VA
  1. The home’s historic nature and the story that goes with it is intriguing. I appreciate homeowners’ attention to detail in keeping their homes as close to the original as possible.
Columbus, Ohio
  1. The garden is bright and colorful with blooming flora and dazzling flowers.
Salt Lake City, Utah
  1. The home has a magical seasonal quality that beautifully portrays either winter, spring, summer or fall.
Independence, Missouri
  1. The home blends in perfectly with its stunning natural elements such as mountains, forest, lake or beach.
Sausalito, California
  1. The home has architectural characteristics which clearly portrays it’s geographical roots and the classic style of that region.
Georgetown, Washington D.C.
  1. The home radiates a special quality that makes it stand out from the crowd. Sometimes the message is that it’s a “family home” or it’s the home of an artist, an architect or designer.
Detroit, Michigan
  1. The colors of the house are well selected and integrate nicely with it’s architectural style, location and the neighborhood it is part of.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

So how many points does your home have in?  I’d love to hear from you.



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