East Aurora, the home of the Roycroft Movement

A Magical Stay at The Roycroft Inn

The Roycroft Inn, the Roycroft Campus, and indeed the Roycroft way of life and its story began in 1897 with Elbert Hubbard, a legendary man of vision who founded the American Arts and Crafts Movement in East Aurora NY. For more than 20 years, the Roycroft Campus was a center of entrepreneurship, creativity and learning. It was a hub of activity with over five hundred working artisans and craftsmen and drew visitors from faraway places.

Roycroft Campus Copper Shop
Original buildings of the Roycroft Campus

In 1905 The Roycroft Inn was opened to accommodate visitors and artisans looking to experience this emerging community and style. The Inn became a center of activity for this community. In 1986, The Roycroft Inn, as part of the Roycroft Campus, received National Historic Landmark status. Over a nine year period, with support from the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation, the Inn meticulously underwent an $8 million dollar restoration to return it to its original splendor. It was re-opened for guests in 1995.

Today, the Roycroft Inn not only continues to welcome visitors, it is once again the center of many community and artistic activities. We can attest to the fact that  the Inn offers its guests a beautiful destination for an overnight stay, where you can experience the comfort of a luxury hotel but at the same time feel like you are a special guest staying in the home of a friend. Per his own literature that we found in our room, this was the exact atmosphere that Mr. Hubbard wanted to create for his guests.

Roycroft Inn Entrance

From the moment we entered  the Campus and arrived at the Inn, we became immersed in the beauty and unique style of the Roycroft artisans. As you step through the grand doors “time still seems to stand still”, and transforms you to a time 100 years ago of true craftsmanship and elegant simplicity.  In the Salon one is surrounded by the beautifully restored murals created by Alexis Jean Fournier, an original Roycroft artist. Later in the evening we chose to sit in original Roycroft Morris chairs, appreciate the golden light of handcrafted lamps  and enjoy the warm roaring fire.

Roycroft Inn Salon, the view as the enter the lobby

We stayed in one of the more modest “guest rooms” and found it to be comfortable and homey, yet uncluttered and elegant.  We had a wonderful nights sleep, the only sound being the howling of the wind as we watched the snowflakes dancing on the lead glass windows.

Bruce in our Roycroft guest room
Our room at the Roycroft Inn

Goodnight from the Roycroft!


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