East Grand Rapids House Portrait Collection now Grown to Forty Original Paintings!

Craftsmen, Tudors, Colonials, Cape Cods and more architectural styles captured in East Grand Rapids Collection.

Grand Rapids,  known as the City of Churches,  has always had a soft spot for eye-catching architecture. Nestled just 20 miles east of Lake Michigan, the second largest city in Michigan is home to a diverse selection of beautiful neighborhoods and suburbs, both historic and eclectic but still growing with modern styles; seemingly paying homage to the designers who paved the way. One of these communities is East Grand Rapids. one of the oldest suburbs in Kent County. It sits on Reeds Lake, named after the Reed family who founded the city back in the 1830’s. It boasts a variety of home styles and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating each of the forty original house portrait paintings. 

On with the tour. Please enjoy my series of original East Grand Rapids pen and watercolor home portraits! 

Historic Colonial in the spring on Cambridge Dr
Classic Colonial on Santa Cruz Dr
Home in beautiful fall setting on Floral Ave
Stunning Tudor home in the snow on Floral Ave
Craftsman bungalow nestled in trees on Lakeside Dr.
Ogden Ave Dutch Colonial bungalow
Elegant Princeton Blvd home
Home with Mid-Century Modern style elements on Santa Barbara Dr. E
Another historic home on Floral Ave with Georgian style elements
Eclectic Tudor collage on Maxwell Ave
Ross Ct historic home in the summer
Unique Tudor on Cambridge Dr
Plymouth Dr.Tudor home
Dutch Colonial bungalow on Gladstone Dr
Newly built home on Lakeview Dr that blends perfectly in the neighborhood
Early Craftsman home on Gladstone Dr
Gladstone Dr bungalow in the fall
Eye-catching winter wonderland home on Cambridge Blvd
Pinecrest Ave home in the summer
Historic home on Keneberry Way with unique decorative features
Inviting snowy home on Ridgewood Ave
Summer vibrance on Pontiac Rd
Garden delight on Wealthy St
Cape Code cottage home on Laurel Ave
Wealthy St English Tudor  home
Home with Georgian style elements on Lake Dr.
Stylish Ranch home on Lake Pointe Dr
Classic Craftsman bungalow on Wealthy St
Cape Cod home in the snow on El Dorado
Dutch Colonial home on Argentina Dr
Eclectic style home on Gilmour St
Family home on Berwyck Rd in the fall
Lake Dr cottage with matching door and window boxes
Craftsman bungalow on Lake Dr
Mid-Century Modern style on Beechwood Dr
Historic home in the summer on Bonnell Ave
Stunning Manhatten Rd home tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac right on Reed’s Lake
Welcoming home on Reed’s Lake Blvd with attractive landscaping


Four seasons of charming Cape Cod on Oakwood Dr
Spring arrives on Oakwood Dr
The magic of winter on Oakwood Dr
Oakwood Dr home in the fall
Oakwood Dr stylized Tudor home
Tudor home on San Lucia Dr


I hope you enjoyed my little tour of East Grand Rapids homes and noted the wealth of architectural styles and amazing diversity that exists on every street in this tight knit community. I applaud the homeowners of East Grand Rapids that have taken so much care to maintain the historic integrity of their homes.  After all, every historic home has its own story and I have attempted to capture each of those stories with my pen and brush so that others can enjoy their beauty and legacy. 

The majority of the original house portraits above are now displayed proudly inside the walls of these homes. If you would like your own home transformed into an work of art, reach out to me as I welcome interesting commission requests.