My latest Historic Preservation Award — Carriage Barn in Monrovia, CA

Oldest Remaining Carriage Barn Starts a New Life!

The President of the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group,  (MOHPG) Jim Wigton, says it best in his article in the group’s July newsletter The Preservation Conversation… “Old, yes. Finished, no. Monrovia’s oldest remaining carriage barn, on the verge of extinction two years ago, has been given a new lease on life…”

Painting by Elaine Smith
A “before” painting of the barn by Monrovia artist Elaine Smith shows its dangerous structural leanings.

The new life for the barn came  into being thanks to the efforts of Monrovia resident Tracey Tempel, the MOHPG, 29 donors who helped finance the moving of the barn and MOHPG member, Jimi Hendrix. With the help of his crew, Jimi found a new home for the barn — thanks to Tracey Tempel —  and was responsible for dismantling and then reconstructing the building at its new location.

Last Saturday, together with the MOHPG, we held a special presentation event at the barn where I awarded my 7th Leisa Collins Historic Preservation Award to Tracey Tempel. I further awarded Jimi Hendrix with a framed copy of the original painting.  


Those in attendance pose for a group short alongside the carriage barn
Award Group
From left to right: Jimi Hendrix, Council member Becky Shevlin, artist Leisa Collins, Jim Wigton, Tracey Tempel, Council member Gloria Crudgington and the Mayor of Monrovia Tom Adams

I thought you might like to see some photos of the dismantling and reconstruction process of the barn in its current idyllic location, a family property tucked away at the base of the mountains in Monrovia.

The place where the barn originally stood
The site where the barn originally stood
Barn 10_7_13 - Copy
The new location for the barn of Tracey’s property
Reconstruction begins...
Reconstruction begins… piece by piece
Restored cupola partially completed
Restored cupola partially completed
Reconstruction of the barn in full swing
Reconstruction of the barn in full swing

And here is the barn as it is today!

The barn today and my award painting!
The barn today as depicted in my pen and watercolor painting!

In times when beautiful barns, homes are buildings are being torn down this is a wonderful story of a community bonding together and saving this beautiful Victorian relic. I want to thank and applaud the awardees, Tracey Tempel and Jimi Hendrix and the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group and the inspirational leadership of its President Jim Wigton. I would also like to thank the the Monrovia Mayor and city representatives who attended the event and for their continual efforts to support and reserve the historic fabric of this charming city!



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