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I have traveled around the country and had the joy of painting many remarkably preserved historic homes in many diverse locations and in many styles.

In speaking with the owners, I have always been moved by their care and thoughtfulness in meticulously restoring and upholding the timelessness of their grand works of art. I have seen that it is the individual, the homeowner, the community leader who is the main cheerleader and caretaker for saving and preserving beautiful historic homes and buildings. And, in the main, I have found that most do not undertake such care just for themselves and their families who live in them but have a larger eye towards keeping whole the historic fabric and beauty of their communities.

I have decided because of this that such care and attention should be rewarded and therefore am instituting the “Leisa Collins Historic Preservation Award.”

With this award, I wish to recognize deserving individuals around the country who have set a stellar example of historic preservation through their efforts, skills or craftsmanship with regard to their historic home or building in their area.

The Award

The Award will consist of a framed original Leisa Collins pen and watercolor painting of the home or buildings the individual has saved, preserved, restored or brought back to life, thereby historically enriching their city, town or local community.

Each awardee is to be presented with the original painting award by the artist during a presentation outside or in the vicinity of their award-winning project.

Media will be notified and the event promoted so as to draw attention to and promote the cause of historic preservation broadly.

The Awardees

Recipients of the award will be decided through nominations and consultations with local historic societies, civic and community groups dedicated to historic preservation and building awareness regarding the beauty of historic architecture.


As I will be traveling across the country again shortly, I will soon posting here a list of cities in which I will be stopping.

I encourage anyone to contact me and nominate, by filling out the form on this page, someone they know who is a deserving individual in these areas.

More information coming on this soon, as well as the announcement of the first recipient!