USA Historic Preservation Tour – Fourth Award Presentation and Restored Craftsman

Old Craftsman Home Restored in Independence, Missouri

Retiring from a career in management with a large regional insurance company, my next awardee Diane Rueter took on a full time project when she purchased a dilapidated Craftsman home on Delaware Avenue in Independence, Missouri.

Here is the “BEFORE” photo. This is what is looked like when Diane purchased it.

Old Craftsman Home in Independence, MO, prior to renovation

 It was a far cry from when it was originally built in 1915 for the Houchen’s family by a well known local architect, Clifton B. Sloan. It was featured in this 1917 issue of American Builder, which describes the building as “well balanced and attractive”.

Article in “American Builder” from 1917 re Craftsman in Independence, MO
Well known Missouri architect, Clifton B. Sloan who designed this Craftsman home

Decades later however it fell into disrepair and was most recently a boarding house. Diane bought the home in April 2012 and through working with the Kansas City Bungalow Club found a father and son contractor team, David and Jason Hayse of Sustained Homes as the perfect fit to restore the home to its original beauty.

Diane worked hands-on with them every step of the way to bring the home back to its original condition.  She is impassioned about historic restoration and takes every opportunity to promote its merits.  It is not surprising that she was recently appointed to the Independence Historic Commission.

And here is the “AFTER” image of the home, as I depicted it for the award painting, followed by photos of me presenting the painting to Diane, who is surrounded by neighbors, friends and family for the occasion.

Craftsman house portrait for Historic Preservation Award in Independence, MO
Presenting my Historic Preservation Award in Independence MO to Diane Rueter

Following the award presentation, attendees eagerly toured through the home. Here are a couple of newly restored Craftsman features inside.

Detail of restoration of Craftsman home in Independence, MO
Restored fireplace in Diane’s home

Catch you later… Leisa

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