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“Traveling Artist Leisa Collins Pays Homage to America’s Historic Preservation Buildings…”

“Beautiful buildings, many owned by regular folk, and others by “heroic” property-owners, who’ve painstakingly restored often decrepit but historic houses, have been at the center of Leisa Collins’ around-the-world and grand artistic adventure…”

Read the entire Huffington Post article HERE.

Watch as artist, Leisa Collins, transforms a house into a piece of art.

“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Commission a House Portrait

Preserve your family memories in a unique hand-crafted original home portrait.


Introducing my Coffee Table Book Project

Featuring paintings of homes in all 50 states, the book will also give a national architectural overview as well as interesting historic tip-bits.

LC Historic Preservation Award

This is my recognition to special individuals for their stellar historic preservation projects.

Art Galleries


Your home brought to life as a piece of art.  The perfect gift- for a real estate closing or special occasion.


View Leisa’s collection of original art work, including items from her Arts & Crafts Style and Historic Places series.

Library South Pasadena

Own quality art prints from Leisa Collin’s collection.  New items on sale.

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