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What does the color of your house reveal about you?

Conventional wisdom says there are three common sense rules that should guide you to making the right color choice for your house.

What’s your architectural style?
Do you live in a Spanish Colonial, an old Victorian or a Craftsman?  That can really dictate your color scheme.  For example, a Victorian lends itself to pastels like pink, mint green or baby blue. Those colors wouldn’t work for a Craftsman or a Spanish Colonial, which are typically in more muted and neutral tones.

What are the prominent colors in your neighborhood?
There’s often a consistent color scheme running throughout. Look for complementary colors and intensities that will blend right in.

Color evokes moods
Think about the overall impact that you’re hoping to create. Do you want the house to appear bright and cheerful? Use light or brighter colors such as yellow, white or light blue.   Or do you want it to feel more impressive and substantial? Consider using deeper colors like dark gray, chocolate brown or navy.

And then there is another train of thought completely, that has to do with the psychological reason that supposedly is behind everything we like or dislike in our lives, and our favorite color is no exception.

So just for fun I am including descriptions about personality types that match one’s favorite color.  Find out for yourself what the color of your home says about you!  And at the same time enjoy my commentary and my house portrait exhibition in every conceivable hue!

Blue, blue, my house is blue. . .

All I can say is there must be a lot of calm reliable people as blue is a popular color for homes.  Take a lot at the array of architectural styles in my blue house college below, including a classic colonial (top right) that I found nestled among a string of (unpainted) brick colonials in a conservative neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia. I couldn’t resist adding it to my Alexandria collection.

Blue:  You are deep, calm, reliable and trustworthy. Like the ocean, you appear strong and confident but there is more beneath the surface, a vulnerable-somewhat stormy side. You also crave harmony and peace and you are very caring and giving to those around you.

Blue Houses

The only green Spanish bungalow I have ever painted

Most Spanish homes are white or earthy toned however this one below is part of a handful of “Fantasy Bungalows” that were built in Atwater Village Los Angeles in the 1920’s. The homes have exotic designs, brightly colored turrets, cupolas and arched entryways and were influenced by Hollywood’s silent film sets of the time.

Green: You are practical, loyal and consistent. You are stable and well-balanced, and you are generous and kind with your thoughts and feelings. Like nature, you know how to draw others to you without trying too hard, your sense of self-worth and security in addition to your giving nature makes you appreciated and loved by many.

Green Houses

Brown homes are considered the salt of the earth…

Brown homes in every conceivable tone, from abode structures to ornate brick and stone, have dominated architecture throughout the centuries.

Brown: You are calm, cool and collected. You crave stability and comfort. You are loyal, humble, modest and dependable. You make a great friend, a great parent and a great partner. You are hard-working and industrious, but you also have a sweeter side that makes other people want to open up to you and confide in you.

Brown Houses

Hues of gray

On a broad scale, I am not sure how true the personality description is below of homeowners with gray houses, but I can say that the owners of these two homes — the first is in the Gisborne, New Zealand and the second in Pasadena, California — seem to fit the bill.

Silver – Gray: You are a thinker; introspective and imaginative, you see things from a different angle and you are not afraid to voice your eccentric opinions. You have a lot of life experience and you are always happy to share your stories and wisdom with those around you. You are very resourceful and powerful at the same time. People are drawn to you because of your self-assurance and your captivating aura. Life seems to work out your way and you always have a sincere smile on your face.Silver-Gray Houses

Purple and purpose

I think homeowners who paint their homes purple have a definite purpose in mind and that is to stand out from the crowd.  Purple homes are unique like these portraits below. I originally thought that only Victorian homes could get away with donning a purple jacket. However take a look at the two newly constructed Craftsman homes on each side — both are quite stunning.

Purple: You are artistic and unique. You are very intuitive and often interested in spirituality and the deeper meaning of life.  You are compassionate and active, you are a free spirit looking for the secrets of life. You pay attention to the finer details and you are always observing and analyzing everything that comes your way.  You are a visionary and a good judge of character, you can be a little moody but that’s because you take in everything you experience and feel them so deeply.Purple Houses

The heart of homes. . .

Red: You are bold, loud, boisterous and full of energy. You are adventurous, spontaneous and have a thirst for anything that gives you adrenaline rush. You are passionate, ambitious and competitive. You also like being the center of attention and do not shy away from any chance to shine. You live life to the fullest.

Pink: You are the heart of all colors.  You are loving, soft, kind, sensitive and warm. You are the nurturer; always giving more than you are receiving. You are romantic and sensual and you have idealistic standards. You are sweet and charming and always know how to deal with everyone in a way that comforts them. You are delicate and may have a naive or child-like side to you which makes you even more lovable.

Red-Pink Houses

White homes can be striking — but only in certain architectural styles

Think about a white Craftsman home — might be a little boring. But a white Spanish Villa, or Tudor or a historic Colonial farmhouse, like the homes below, now that’s an entirely different matter.

White: You are simple, neat, peaceful yet immaculate. You have a positive personality and you are optimistic about life and the future. People love being around you because you are bright and you exude happiness. You like to play it safe and you are usually very detail-oriented. You are independent and self-sufficient and enjoy spending time alone.

White Houses

Sunny, golden-toned portraits

Do yellow homes make the most cheerful portraits?  Probably.

Yellow: You are curious and you enjoy learning new things. You always seek happiness and self-fulfillment. You like to cheer people up even if you are not so cheerful yourself. You are intelligent and laser focused. You know how to live a good life but you always put on a brave face and try to hide the fire within you behind a pretty smile.

Yellow Houses

On that cheery note I will end my house color story!  I do want to acknowledge where this color psychology theory comes from.  I took these personality descriptions from a book written by Rania Naim, called The Psychology Of Colors: What Your Favorite Color Says About You. 

OK so what’s the verdict?  Does your personality align with the color of your house?  Is it close?  I’d love to know.

Colorfully yours,