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Moving forward on my coffee table book.
When I first relaunched my art career some years ago and decided to focus on my true passion — architectural art — I had what seemed like a very far-fetched and impossible goal: to create paintings of homes and historic buildings in every single state across the USA. Well I recently achieved this target when I completed a painting of a beautiful old theater in Wyoming, the last remaining bastion.
Now I can move onto the next steps in putting my coffee table book together. This book is also a long time dream of mine.  It will include my paintings in every state and document my architectural journey across America — from the eyes of an artist. I will do my best to reveal the diversity, creativity and resourcefulness of those behind that amazing story.
But now comes the hard part. Selecting out the paintings from around two thousand altogether which will be featured in the book. If I had my choice, I would include them all. But then my coffee table book would look more like a stamp collection album.
I thought I would share with you the paintings that represent the last ten states that were on my list i.e. the “tougher ones”, as these alone give you a taste of the interesting and eclectic mix of architectural styles that have shaped this wonderful country.
Atlas theater in Cheneynne, Wyoming
Log cabin in High View, rural West Virginia
The William Steven House in Kent County, Delaware.
St. Philomena Catholic Church, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Sea Island cottage, Georgia 

Family home, Fairway, Kansas 

Historic sod prairie homestead, Philip, South Dakota
Fargo log cabin – one of the first homes in North Dakota
The Kellog Home, Norwalk, Connecticut 
Heritage Home, Fairbanks Alaska
You know how I love to hear from you and get your feedback and questions. I will keep you updated as my book project rolls forward.
Ciao for now,