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Twenty-five different architectural styles so far. . .

It is so much fun receiving house portrait commission requests from all over the USA and I love the challenge of tackling every architectural style imaginable — from an adobe Spanish bungalow I discovered in Arizona, a log cabin in Colorado, a historic Dutch Colonial Bed and Breakfast in Annapolis, Maryland and  a modern river house on the Mississippi in Wisconsin.

Take a look at my new slide show on my House Portrait page which consists of 55 images highlighting the range of historical and regional styles I have so far depicted through my favorite house portrait mediums, pen and watercolor.   My goal to create architectural paintings of homes in every state in the USA was born from a  inspirational 12,000 mile painting tour across America in 2009 and it continued from there!  Only 17 more states to go!

Here are a few of the media that ran the story,  followed by some of the house portraits I included in my slide show.

WRIC-TV – Online
MyABC 5 – Online
KFMB-AM (760 AM Talk Radio) – Online

Adobe Spanish bungalow house portrait: Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, Arizona
Moulder, Colorado
Dutch Colonial - Annapolis, Maryland
Dutch Colonial – Annapolis, Maryland
Modern River House - Mississippi River, Wisconsin
Modern River House – Mississippi River, Wisconsin

Happy viewing, and you know where to come for commissioned house portraits!