Welcome Spring!

Spring has sprung!

Actually this portrait was created from photos I took last bring when in Minneapolis MN.  Just love the welcoming front garden.  I would call it free-hand sculptured landscaping. Hey, I just made up a new term!

This beautiful Victorian farm house style home really stood out from the crowd however. The original painting will shortly be hanging inside this home. The homeowner was kind enough to give me some info about the home which is below.

This historic beauty has stood in this location in Minneapolis MN for over a hundred years.

This interesting snippet is directly from the homeowner:

“The home was built in 1903, and the person who restored it (in 2007) did an incredible job between keeping the charm of the original footprint (we are 1200 sq feet) and little things (for example, he kept little pipe nubbings on the wall where the gas for lighting was so that the history would not be forgotten. He also brought the home up to a lovely modern interior – with a 9 foot island in the kitchen, turning the kitchen oven chimney into a closet, and building two rain gardens with an elaborate flow system from the roof to the ground and into overflow areas by buried piping.”

I would like to thank my client for this info and also the previous owner for the wonderful restoration project they undertook.  It is the homeowner who I take my hat off to. They form the backbone of historic preservation in this country and are the un-sung hero of millions of well preserved historic homes we have today in every state across the USA.

Until next time.