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I hope you are enjoying some lovely summer weather.

I wanted to pass on some good news in the form of this article which recently ran in the Real Estate Section of the New York Times, entitled, Why Take a Picture of Your Home When You Can Paint it Instead

I am featured with a couple of other architectural artists in different parts of the country. I was really happy that my painting below of the famous New York Times Plaza Hotel was included in the article as there is such a great story behind it. I was commissioned to paint this by a client as a gift for her husband for their 50th wedding anniversary. This is where they honeymooned all those years ago after their spring wedding.  Now isn’t that romantic?
Being that I am a history buff and big supporter of historic preservation, I looked into the history of the hotel. It is in fact one of America’s most celebrated hotels and when it opened its doors on October 1,1907, it was described as the greatest hotel in the world. Located at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, the luxury hotel was constructed in the most fashionable residential section of New York City. It underwent a massive multi-million dollar restoration in 2008.
And don’t forget, if you have a special project such as this and would like me to create a one-of-a-kind, couldn’t be more original, painting as a gift, I would love to discuss any ideas you may have. You know how to reach me and I always love to hear from you!