Watercolor Homes of Greater Detroit Area, MI

House Portrait Collection of Greater Detroit Area, Michigan!

Firstly I would like to say that I am enjoying living in Michigan. The lush greens and wide open spaces remind me of my homeland of New Zealand. It’s also nice to be close to family, as my husband was born and breed in this state.

“I’d like to share an excerpt from my brand new book, “Hand Painted Homes: An Artist’s Pen and Watercolor Journey Across America”:

 “Greater Metro Detroit consists of the three counties that border or contain the city of Detroit. In addition to its automotive heritage, Metro Detroit is known for arts, entertainment, music, sports, architecture and design. A variety of natural landscapes, beaches and Great Lakes parks also make up the area. The outlying suburbs contain homes of diverse architectural styles and some older suburbs have houses dating back to the early 1900s. Popular historic styles in these areas include Colonial Revivals, Tudor Revivals, Craftsman homes, Cape Cods and Neoclassical designs. In the mid-1900s, Mid-Century Modern and Ranch houses became more prevalent followed by Modern and contemporary designs.”

It’s tough to find a city with more pride. The people of Detroit walk with their heads held high, persevering through countless hardships.

Inner-city Detroit Making a Comeback


Detroit gained its nickname, “The Motor City,” in the early 20th century when it was the global center of the automotive industry. A gradual decline began in the mid-50s and the city became known for vacant lots and crumbling homes. While the problems facing Detroit are far from over, it is fighting for a comeback. With grit and determination the city is transforming itself.

Brush Park serves as a good example.  Wedged between downtown Detroit and Midtown, the Brush Park neighborhood was all but forgotten with decaying historic Victorian homes and weeds taking over empty lots. The painting below depicts one of the remaining Brush Park historic structures shortly after renovations had started.

Today, construction equipment rumbles in Brush Park. Old houses and buildings are being returned to life and there is a slew of tasteful new construction that blends in with the area. Downtown Detroit and the surrounding areas are experiencing a similar resurgence.


A Victorian home sits alone in Brush Park, Detroit, with the downtown Detroit skyline in the background
Metro Detroit, MI

Tucked away in residential neighborhoods in the Detroit area one can find some of the most spectacular historic Tudor style homes in the country.

This historic Tudor sits on Balmoral Drive, Detroit
A 1941 Tudor on Lincolnshire Drive in Detroit
Another stunning Balmoral Drive home
An intricate 1930 Tudor standing on Strathcona Drive
House Portrait Painting of a 1927 Tudor on Woodston Road in Detroit, Michigan
Another style of Tudor. Built in 1930, it resides on Strothcona Drive, Detroit
This 1923 Tudor sits on Lucerne Drive, Detroit
This detailed Tudor on Lowell Drive was built in 1925
Another Lowell Drive home built in 1928
This elegant 1949 Colonial sits on Afton Road
House Portrait Painting of a Cumberland Way home in Detroit, Michigan
Bloomfield Hills, MI
A 1971 Colonial in a winter setting on Dunston Road
This Classic Colonial on Overhill Road was built in 1925
House Portrait Painting of a Waddington Road home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Huntington Woods, MI
A 1947 Mid-Century Modern home on Lincoln Drive
This home on Hendrie Blvd was built in 1961
Huntington Woods house portrait painting of a 1940 Lasalle Blvd home
A charming Tudor Cottage on Lincoln Drive
This delightful Lasalle Blvd bungalow was built in 1950
An elegant home sitting on Hart Avenue
This classic Colonial on Ludlow Avenue was built in 1941
A 1945 Tudor on Hart Avenue
A Tudor in the fall on Sherwood Drive
Summery house portrait painting of a Huntington Woods home on East Roycourt Street
This 1940 Tudor on Parkwood Drive sits quietly in a magical winter setting
Royal Oak, MI
A delightful Tudor cottage on Washington St, built in 1941.
A Unique Tudor on Hendrie, built in 1927.
Charming 1922 Bungalow on Austin Ave.
A well-maintained 1923 Bungalow on California Ave, with beautiful summer garden.
A blend of architectural elements built into this newer home on Baldwin Ave.
A mix of Tudor and Dutch Colonial styles on Connecticut Ave, built in 1927.
Attractive new home on Hawthorne with vibrant spring color.
Victorian farmhouse style home on Catalpa Dr, built in 1922.
Royal Oak House Portrait of a University Ave. home.
An interesting mix of styles on Fourth St. in Royal Oak.
Birmingham, MI
An interesting mixture of architectural styles. This E. Frank St home was built in 1916.
Birmingham Tudor house portrait on Wimbleton Drive, exuding winter warmth
A combination of Georgian, Romanesque and Colonial styles, this home on Aspen Rd was built in 1936
Classic Dutch Colonial on Bonnie Brier Street built in 1924.
Elegant Berwyn St. Georgian style home
A Birmingham portrait painting of a post-2000 Georgian style build on Larchlea Drive
A Victorian-style home on Chester St.
Tudor home on Lakeview Ave built in 1930.
Birmingham Tudor with beautiful stained glass windows and Gothic influences on Wimbleton Drive
A1925 historic home on Kennesaw St, bursting with summer color
Birmingham house portrait painting of a 1927 home on Mohegan Street

Like so many of my other travels, the greater Detroit area has impressed me its diversity of unique architecture. I look forward to creating more paintings for the good people of the Detroit area. If you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to stay a while and look through my previous posts, and be on the lookout for new posts in the future.

Cheers, Leisa