Welcome to my Large Homes on Estates house portrait gallery.

Commissioned paintings of large homes and gardens require special artistic consideration due to uniqueness of size and expansiveness of gardens and landscaping. My gallery of large homes and gardens, unlike most of my other house portrait galleries, does not focus on a single architectural style. I have a different artistic perspective and unique approach to my house portraits of large homes and gardens, regardless of architectural style.

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Larger homes are typically located on larger plots of land. I feel the expansiveness and extensive detail of these homes and their surrounding gardens and landscaping should be adequately captured in my paintings. I therefore usually recommend that the size of the painting be large enough to include all of the unique details of the home and surroundings.

If there is a grand home with special meaning for you or someone you care about that you’d like captured as a hand painted house portrait, visit my contact page to get in touch with me. Find out how to get a personalized pen and watercolor house portrait of that special home!

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